The BIK Group includes Biuro Informacji Kredytowej S.A. (BIK), Register of Debtors BIG InfoMonitor S.A. and Digital Fingerprints S.A.

BIK, whose shareholders are leading banks in Poland and the Polish Bank Association (ZBP), operates on the basis of the Banking Law. BIK is the only institution of this type in the country that manages a unique one a database for which data on credits, loans, leasing and factoring exposures, systematically transfers nearly 750 institutions, including all commercial and cooperative banks, SKOK (cooperative savings banks) and the vast majority of loan institutions, both those operating on-line and financing in the traditional model, leasing and factoring companies. The office is the largest source of knowledge about 25 million individual clients and 1.4 million companies, including 845 thousand. micro-entrepreneurs. BIK supports the security of financial institutions and their clients by implementing system anti-fraud solutions, which include the BIK Anti-Fraud Platform, Blockchain Platform, Cyber Fraud Detection Platform and the newly built Behavioral Biometric Platform. For several years, BIK has been an active member of the international ACCIS Association, associating the largest group of credit registers in the world.