Blue dot: The leading AI Data and Tax Compliance platform
Blue dot’s patented technology provides a 360° view into all employee-driven transactions, enhancing financial data integrity, ensuring tax compliance and reducing vulnerabilities for employee spend across the enterprise.
Blue dot’s prominent AI platform offers a suite of innovative solutions in the financial transactions, data integrity, expense management and tax compliance spaces for enterprise customers across the globe.
Leveraging a unique proprietary AI engine with 200+ machine learning models currently deployed in production, the platform offers unparalleled understanding of transactional context including the ability to identify and seamlessly integrate transaction related details, as well as to ensure comprehensive transactional insights and tax compliance. Our substantial experience in the VAT and tax domain with billions of processed transactions as well as our culture of cutting edge innovation, has helped us bring to market the most accurate and advanced data and compliance platform for T&E, achieving an unmatched 99% accuracy level. Our AI tech approach and unique ability to understand the data behind transactions, is at the heart of our various product offerings on our platform – whether it’s VAT recovery, Taxable employee benefits, T&E data monitoring – we believes It all starts with clear and accurate data. We are proud to serve the world’s leading enterprise brands and to be partnered with companies such as SAP Concur, KPMG, PWC and we look forward to continue to empower finance teams with unmatched tax compliance, data integrity and peace of mind.