Part of the FairConnect group, DriveQuant is a tech company that provides innovative mobility services based on smartphone telematics. Our services include:

  • Connected insurance: usage-based insurance (Pay-As-You-Drive) or behavior-based insurance (Pay-How-You-Drive),
  • Assistance: improved claims management and crash detection feature,
  • Engagement: driving challenges, coaching, badges…
  • Eco-driving in-app learning,
  • Predictive maintenance: tyre & brake wear, connected logbook, mileage

We have launched more than forty programs since our inception. Our primary customers in the insurance industry are: Covea, MAIF, Roole…

Since 2022, we have entered a business partnership with SCOR to offer an all-in-one turnkey solution for insurers that are looking to launch a connected program. More on our website: