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GlobalmatiX AG is an international supplier of vehicle data for fleet operators and insurance companies. GlobalmatiX’s telematics system delivers the highest data breadth and depth on the market and can provide vehicle data regardless of make, model and age. In the cloud, the collected data is aggregated, processed and analyzed and prepared for further use by our customers. As a subsidiary of Softing AG, we draw on the company’s many years of experience and expertise in vehicle diagnostics. Thanks to our own mobile communications license and our patented encryption process, the valuable data is optimally protected against unauthorized access.

The high volume of vehicle data collected enables almost limitless coverage of digital analysis and use cases, as well as services for end customers that were previously not possible, such as:

        ■   Remote vehicle diagnostics with predictive maintenance.
        ■    Keyless door opening, drive release and door closing
        ■    Detection of accidents in real time and allocation of the damage to the person responsible, e.g. in the case of parking bumps
        ■    Settlement of minor damage that previously went undetected
        ■    Creation of a digital vehicle file and acceleration of the marketing process for used vehicles