IDENTT is a Polish-Swiss technology start-up. In 2017, it introduced pioneering solutions to the European market (IDENTT Vision), which allows for automatic checking of identity documents and biometric verification of people using them. The solutions are based on the latest technologies in the field of artificial intelligence (deep machine learning), deep neural networks (AI and Deep learning) and cryptography.
Currently, it actively influences the shaping of the global remote identity confirmation market by participating as experts in numerous conferences, research, debates on the development of digital identity or standardization of identification processes.

IDENTT implements proprietary solutions that comprehensively enable the implementation of various remote authentication scenarios, such as:
•   self-verification of the client via a web application using a web camera or mobile application,
•   video conversation with a consultant,
•   integration with dedicated ID document scanners,
•   reading and checking the electronic layer of identity documents.

IDENTT Vision allows customer onboarding completely online, including the registration step. Identity verification methods and detection of forgeries and frauds ensure the security of the process, meeting the stringent legal and regulatory requirements applicable in individual countries and industries.