Infermedica is a leading digital health company specializing in AI-powered solutions for symptom analysis, virtual patient triage, and care referral to the most appropriate level of care acuity. The company’s AI-based medical guidance platform leverages an array of intelligent healthcare technologies enabling early assessment of symptoms and digital triage, and concomitant referral to the most appropriate level of care acuity.

Infermedica’s platform is used by health insurers, healthcare providers, telemedicine and other companies to better engage patients and to minimize clinically inappropriate use of medical services, improve patient navigation, reduce patient anxiety/stress and improve patient experience and service satisfaction. 

At the core of Infermedica’s technologies are its Medical Knowledge Base, AI-based Inference Engine and API gateway, mobile applications and patient portals. Infermedica is used in over 32 nations in 24 languages and has completed more than 14 million virtual health checks and triages.