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InfoCert S.p.A. is the biggest Certification Authority in Europe and one of the foremost Qualified Trust Service Providers (QTSP). in short, InfoCert is the Premier European Digital Trust Service Provider.

A leading international name in end-to-end solutions, the company is able to meet all the digitalization-related needs of enterprises and public bodies: a one-stop source on today’s market, given the broad portfolio of digital tools on offer and the ability to incorporate trust services into the business processes of clients.

The company is an established partner of companies in the Banking, Financial, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Telecoms, Energy, Utilities, Distribution, Health and other sectors, as well as bodies such as Public Administrations, and Professional and Trade Associations.

InfoCert guarantees trust and security in digital transformation by adopting an organic approach to the management of digital transactions — between natural and/or legal persons, and human-to-machine or machine-to-machine — and the integration of complementary solutions or services, namely: Legalmail, for Certified E-mail; LegalCert, for certification and digital security comprising, for example, GoSign by Dike, the online collaboration platform for managing document workflows and signature procedures; TOP, for onboarding clients remotely; InfoCert ID, for SPID digital identity; LegalDoc, for digital storage of documents in accordance with statutory requirements; Legalinvoice, for electronic invoicing; MeetingBook, for management of institutional meetings; SecureDrive, for secure storage in cloud computing; and DIZME, for distributed digital identity management. 

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