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Instabase is the first Automation Platform for Unstructured Data, enabling organizations to drive transformation across business processes by unlocking unstructured data with deep learning. Our platform helps institutions transform unstructured data into structured data so that business critical processes, such as client onboarding and mortgage processing, can be automated end-to-end.

Global Financial Services organisations such as NatWest, Standard Chartered, AXA and others are driving significant business value across hundreds of processes with Instabase, but using a single platform for digitizing documents, split-classifying by type, extracting information, validating against business rules, and ultimately transforming data to be used in downstream systems.

Instabase has made it possible for these organisations to to automate a much wider range of use cases than ever before, using :

(1)The Deep Learning Ecosystem which brings the best in class innovation from Instabase and the broader market to unlock unstructured documents with the highest accuracy and makes it easy to keep upgrading solutions with newer models to enable continuous innovation,
(2) The Extensible Building Blocks that allow organizations to rapidly build tailored solutions by simply combining over 125 low and pro code blocks and to address hundreds of use cases and changing business requirements on a single platform with total modularity, and
(3)The Solution Marketplace which accelerates time to value with prebuilt solutions developed for the industry at large to address common document use cases from Passports to Commercial Invoices.