Keeyns helps companies across various industries digitalize their corporate tax transparency framework, for maximum regulatory compliance at the lowest operating costs. We have created a digital workspace where different modules are designed to work together inside a single user interface, there are many benefits that go beyond what any point solution could provide, including security, scalability, seamless data collection and reporting, and having a single source of truth.

With tax issues steadily rising on the agenda of executive leadership and boards, we see an increased focus on risk mitigation, timely compliance processes and overall alignment between an organization’s tax approach and its broader business and reputational goals

The software includes support for the company and its (external) consultants in the fields of VAT, Transfer Pricing, Corporation tax, Tax Control Framework, workflow management and a central database for all related corporate documents. Keeyns is perfect for CFO’s, Group Finance Departments, Finance Controllers and (Group) Tax Departments of enterprises that operate in multiple countries to get grip on their tax processes, while providing instant and up to date insight via dashboards to its stakeholders

Keeyns was launched in 2017 as a spin-off from Taxperience, an independent Tax consultancy firm, specializing in Tax, Legal and Notary Services. Co-founders Ruben and Ramon van Aarle noticed that a lot of companies wasted their time and money on expensive secretarial work. Think about searching for data and e-mail ping-ponging of documents, spreadsheets and other information. Now, six years later Keeyns is actively entering the market of (international) corporate and medium seized companies.

The Keeyns team is very diverse and consists of Software Engineers, Software Developers, Tax advisors, UX designers, marketing experts and business analysts who work closely together to build a future proof SaaS tax tech solution. Always keen on solving complex problems and excited to turn ideas from the whiteboard to reality. By doing market research and staying connected with end users the team builds features to overcome challenges.

Corporate Sustainability
Keeyns also helps enterprises move toward a sustainable tax strategy, including meaningful tax transparency. Sustainability (ESG: environmental, social and governance) is high on the agenda of the board & C-suite and over the past years we have seen a growing push towards tax transparency. Taxes say something about a company’s integrity. A company’s brand serves as a vehicle for its values. And consumers test how a company delivers on those values. Besides, taxes are not only a contribution to society, they are also a means for governments to steer an incentivize behavior. That is also a reason why taxes play an important role when it comes to ESG. A trend is set and software can help companies to adapt their tax function and strategy. 

Tax to the Future

Would you like to learn more about our SaaS Tax Technology solution that enables you, as an internationally operating entrepreneur, to be in control and compliant in all areas of your tax management? Then go to www.keeyns.com or visit our HQ at Pettelaarpark 20 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.