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Kontomatik is a Poland-based fintech company, which has been providing banking data aggregation services since 2009.

Their products are based on automatic financial data gathering via PSD2 APIs from banks in Poland and Europe. The primary service Kontomatik offers is customer bank account access (AIS), which allows a company to receive data from a customer’s bank account, with their consent.

Kontomatik was the first company in the CEE region to become an authorized AISP (Account Information Service Provider) when it received an entry in the registers of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority in Poland and the Bank of Lithuania in 2018.

As part of their account information service, they provide banking information and use machine learning solutions to categorize and analyze that information in real time, helping companies make most informed business decisions based on hard data. As part of their proprietary technology, Kontomatik offers their clients additional analytical solutions which include financial risk analysis, allowing scan behavior patterns and analyzing customer trends.

Their portfolio consists of 100+ customers including loan, factoring and leasing companies; banks; and entities from the e-commerce sector (Kontomatik attracts top brands such as Revolut, Raiffeisen Digital Bank, Creamfinance). In accordance with the one passport rule in the EU, Kontomatik can provide access to account information services in 17 EU countries. Read more about Kontomatik on the website www.kontomatik.com