About Lleida.net

  • What we do: We turn electronic communications (SMS/emails) into legally binding documents. From here, we have developed complementary services, based on e-signature, e-registration of data/documents, identity validation & KYC.
  • Experts in Banking, Insurtech, Public Administration and Contact Center: Lleida.net has a track record of successful operations and signed collaborations with Fintech companies, including those with Santander, BBVA, BNP Paribas, Bankinter and more.
  • Listed company: Company listed in the USA, Euronext and Spanish Stock Exchange. We are eIDAS Qualified EU company.

Fintech use cases

  1. Registered electronic notifications: provide proof of sending and receiving communication after a contact with customers.

Registered SMS/email: text msg or email that can be used as evidence before a court law.

Some customer scenarios that they have implemented with the help of Lleida.net platform:

  • Overdrafts and debt collection: Reclaiming overdrafts have always been sent by postal mail or by phone call. This system establishes the complaint date and charges the commission due on the overdraft.
  • Credit packages: The client asks for a loan by SMS/email, and the Contac Center certifies the entry with the date and time of the loan request entry.
  • Policy cancellation: Notice of cancellation of contract by reliable means.
  • Certified receipt of reported claim or documentation: SMS/email service activation so that the recipient can send the reported claim, being thus certified the message the content, the date, and the exact time.
  • Administration: notification of appointments with public administration departments, notify citizens of legal aid records, send administrative notifications, granting fellowships, final marks public examination notifications, notification of attendance at polling stations, fine notifications
  1. eContracting and eSignature: sign remote agreements, providing proof of delivery, receipt and signature. An online contracting platform to sign documents aimed at any user or companies looking for a fully digital process and with the same probative force as physical. Qualified and Advanced eSignature
  1. Registered SMS/email contract: sign contracts through text msg / email
  2. eSignature (Click & Sign): online signature of documents

Use cases:

  • Contracting loyalty cards
  • Contract renewal
  • GDPR / data privacy
  • Acceptance of general and conditions or data modification.
  1. Digital Identity verification: Provides identity document validation, biometric verification, and video recording to enhance compliance with regulations and AML. A comprehensive KYC solution that supports customer onboarding processes & generate and manage the digital certificates of your organization (eIDAS TSP european regulation)
  1. Process automation– Digitize the process without programming