Nethone is a machine learning-based fraud prevention Saas company that allows online merchants and financial institutions to holistically understand their end-users—also referred to as “Know Your Users (KYU)” in industry parlance. With its proprietary online user profiling and ML technologies, Nethone is able to detect and prevent payment fraud, account take-overs with unrivalled effectiveness.

The Nethone proprietary Profiler enriches the understanding of every single user with over 5000 attributes, which are processed into recommendations in real-time using a decision engine. While staying focused on the singularity of the client’s business, Nethone can help to lower clients’ rejection rates, costs of manual review, and risk of fraud, without touching the UX of the service–automatically and in real-time.

Founded in 2016 by a group of security experts, financial business executives and data scientists within Daftcode – a Poland-based venture builder, is today successfully cooperating with 60+ global e-commerce, digital goods, and financial industries.

In 2021 Nethone was named Poland’s fastest-growing company in the ‘Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe’.

Nethone makes a significant change, through:

  • providing online merchants with a broad subset of structured data to determine online fraud risks
  • precise user profiling provided by ML instead of static rules, which generate too many false positives, causing businesses to forfeit billions of dollars every year
  • focusing on frictionless transaction flow, as e‑commerce continues to grow and users demand better UX
  • creating a tool to mitigate sophisticated fraudulent attacks, which nominal level will continuously grow

More about Nethone technology

Nethone combines exhaustive and proprietary end user profiling which extracts 5,500+ attributes for every user, a flexible API that is able to receive custom product/integration data from clients and integrates with partners who provide additional data enrichment. It exhausts “here and now” information potential by exposing the lowest level details regarding each user’s device, network characteristics, and raw behaviour associated with keystrokes, mouse and accelerometer. Consequently, it protects from any emulation, virtualization, anonymization and spoofing attempts.

The Nethone decision engine is a hybrid solution that enables Machine Learning models to be combined with more static logic. Nethone is the author of its whole modelling stack which enables constant improvement of algorithms and continually adapts the decision logic to the clients’ needs.

An important part of the Nethone value proposition is the direct relationship between the Data Scientist and the client. A dedicated Data Scientist takes care of tying merchant’s KPIs directly to the decision engine logic.

Nethone technology is known for its:

  • Easy integration

      From less than 2 weeks for very agile clients, up to 2 months for large enterprises.

  • Iterative upgrades

     Our clients have access to the latest technologies, can plugin 3rd party APIs at will or send historical datasets to power Machine Learning models.

  • Strong documentation
    Nethone provides full API documentation and so much more, from payment risk information to alternative strategies and tutorials.