Taxdoo is a fast and sustainably growing company based in Hamburg. Since our foundation in 2016 we consider ourselves to be translators of the agile world of e-commerce and tax compliance, translating complex regulations into simple processes.

Our cloud-based solution enables online merchants of all sizes within Europe to focus on what matters most: the success of their company in global competition. Among other features, Taxdoo handles the VAT processes in the EU and UK, Intrastat and financial accounting automatically and securely via a single platform.

Through APIs to the most widely used marketplaces, as well as shop and ERP systems, all customer transaction data is collected automatically and updated on a daily basis. Through the automated monitoring and evaluation of the data, our system recognizes the respective tax liabilities in the EU and UK and prepares them clearly. This means that our customers, as well as their tax consultants, can maintain an overview at all times as the VAT processed transaction data can be effortlessly transferred to financial accounting.


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