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Vestigo is a founder-owned paytech, fully focused on cards and account-to-account payments space. Our continuously increasing team has more than 140 employees. Vestigo’s modern, modular, customer-centric solution creates value for financial institution clients in payments, issuing and acquiring businesses. We differentiate by bringing the cards and account payments together in a fully customer centric way. Vestigo currently supports clients in 7 European countries, with a strong growth strategy into further markets.

Key modules of the solution:

– Vestigo Issuing: Card management across all types of cards – credit, debit decoupled debit, prepaid, virtual, commercial; strong support for B2B2C business models.

– Vestigo HolisticPay: Orchestration and API integration layer across all types of card and account payments. Ideal for fast-to-market payments modernization (e.g. launch of instant payments) towards truly open, real-time platform, while keeping existing legacy systems in place. Built-in rich key convergence functionality (flexible fee calculation, consolidated multi-level limit set-ups, consolidated transaction data). Allows for easy integration into third-party systems, such as your business partners, fraud engine or loyalty system.

– Vestigo PaymentsHub: Integrated, highly configurable, full life-cycle payments hub covering instant payments, low-value, high-value and cross-border payments, for retail and corporate customers; routing to various clearing systems. Fully flexible in a sense “Any payment method in / any payment method out”.

– Vestigo Acquiring: Powerful acquiring back-end system meeting the needs of your merchants, as well as powering your business performance.

Other enterprise modules include work in conjunction with all key modules and across all card/payment types. These are: Consumer Finance, Loyalty and Partner Management.

Please reach out to discuss how we can support your business strategy!