The Viasat Group Business Unit is entirely dedicated to the insurance market

The Viasat Group is among the main operators of satellite telematic solutions; Insurtech, Fleet, GreenTech, IoT and Big Data for the intelligent management and protection of people, vehicles and goods in Italy and Europe. The Insurtech Business Unit is an innovative, reliable partner for insurance companies, fintech companies and insurance brokers with technological and analysis solutions and services that are useful for implementing new insurance models. In addition offering its customers value-added services of assistance, protection and safety in every day life, at home and on the move.

The infotelematic satellite solutions; IoT and data-driven Viasat on board vehicles, improve risk assessment, optimize the management of insurance practices and claims, improve accident notification accuracy and the relationship with the customer.

The result is a notable improvement in service quality, clear cost optimization and an enhanced offer strategy for insurance companies, brokers and end customers who can count on greater driving safety and personalized policies based on driving style, kilometers traveled, and the assessment of the actual risk.