Founded in 2012 by Frank S. Jorga, WebID has played a significant role in the advancement of digital technologies in Germany. With the introduction of video identification in 2011 and government approval as a legitimate online identification method under the German Money Laundering Act two years later, WebID has paved the way for a new segment of the country’s economy and driven ongoing digital innovation in Germany.

Today, WebID is trusted by more than 300 domestic and international customers in over 10 industries, including 80% of Germany’s largest banks. As a pioneer in legally compliant digital identification processes and digital contract signing, the company is also responsible for the online identification innovation known as TrueID. In just a few years, WebID has successfully verified more than 13.5 million customers using a repository of over 400 million online identity records, resulting in over 21 million successful transactions to date. TrueID will be presented in more detail at the ID X Summit on April 25, 2024. Germany’s largest online identity summit – powered by WebID.